Tips web design easy for Better Business Performance

A business website as your office online. It should be reliable and not as offline business website is live 24/7. Your website should be able to provide what is requested by the user.

Here are some web design tips to help improve your site’s performance:

1. The site navigation

Users should be able to browse your website easily. The need to find what they are looking for in a few clicks again they would just go away. The navigation bar should be available as the site loads. It should be at the top or left favored. While browsing around, people should easily be able to return to the previous page or return to the homepage. If using images in your navigation bar, it is better to mark them properly in case there is a problem loading the image.

2. Load Time

Your website should load within a few seconds. No one will wait more than a minute to a web page as it will be a burden for waiting too long. Know that the information provided on the website can easily be found elsewhere, internet surfers are impatient and they need information fast. To reduce the loading time, you can remove the big picture, long page can be divided in two so that they will load faster, minimize the use of flash animations whenever possible. As well as this there are a lot of useless things you can remove from your website to increase the load time. But if your website is still slow, you might consider changing the host.

3. Resolution site

It monitors the computer kept getting bigger and bigger in 1600 * 1200 and more. You may also have one of those high resolution screens but no one has. The majority of web users have a screen resolution of 1280 * 1024 according to the survey. It is good to use this resolution as it will fit on the screen resolution is higher and still look good in the lower.

By following the above tips your website will appear in the best performance, which in turn will have a positive impact on your business.